January 13, 2014 Trenton "Meebo" Marquard

The Arnold Classic, now known as the Arnold Sports Festival, is an annual sports event named after bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. It takes place during the end of February into the beginning of March in Columbus, Ohio. The convention itself is known for bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitions.

The Arnold Sports Festival has evolved since its creation with including multiple contests such as cheerleading, gymnastics, skateboarding, wrestling, powerlifting, and many more. The Arnold Sports Festival  is the most profitable of all bodybuilding events and rivals the Mr. Olympia in popularity and level of competition. The Arnold Sports Festival is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious fitness and figure events in the world.

What makes the Arnold Sports Festival different? The Arnold Strongman Classic, which is an offshoot tournament of the Arnold Sports Classic, and features professional strongman athletes. This portion of the Arnold Classic focuses on finding out who is truly the strongest man in the world. Yet another aspect of the Arnold Sports Classic that has received a massive amount of popularity is the Ms. International competition, which is the women’s equivalent to the Arnold Classic. The Ms. International has been a segment of the Arnold Sports Festival since its humble beginnings in 1989. As of this year’s event in 2014 however, the Ms. International competition will be replaced with the Arnold Classic 212 professional Men’s bodybuilding division.

Although the event began as a festival to mainly focus on bodybuilding, other sports such as cheerleading have earned a large amount of attention in the Arnold Sports Festival. There are around 4,000 competitors entered into the cheerleading event each year, with merely 15-30 per team. As of 2006, boxing, martial arts, and figure skating competitions were implemented as well. There are a large number of prizes for those who emerge as champions at the Arnold Sports Festival. For the Arnold Classic men’s bodybuilding division, the first place winner is given $130,000, a Hummer, and an Audemars Piguet watch. The winners of the cheerleading tournament earn trophies, customized medals, championship jackets and banners, along with a possible partial or full bid to the ultimate tournament, Cheerleading Worlds.

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