February 9, 2017 Honey Badger

Fitness is no longer as simple as cardio and weights. Fitness technology is the evolution of health. Every day technology dives deeper into our lives and staying healthy is certainly no exception. The days of tracking progress in notebooks (or not tracking at all) are done – replaced by some innovative ways to get yourself to your goals.


The largest movement in fitness technology is the wearable monitor. The goal of these wearables are to tell you how active you are throughout the day – by tracking every movement, you can monitor every motion. Big players like the Nike Fuelband and Jawbone UP24 are the most recognizable trackers; however, nowadays there are plenty of options for every lifestyle. Looking for some cool tech that tracks activity while being waterproof (swimmers listen up) and doubling as a chic watch? Check out the Misfit Shine, one of the most versatile options available. How about a tracker in disguise as a wristband that analyzes your sleeping patterns to gently wake you every morning? Look no further than the Jawbone UP24.

Weight Management

Remember when scales used to simply tell your weight? Whether you’re slimming down or bulking up, the days of simple scales are over. Fitness technology has invaded our bathrooms and weight management has never been easier. Many options offer BMI readings and maintain weeks of readings to offer trends to the user – some even go as far as syncing with smartphone apps via bluetooth or wifi to coordinate goals and analyze readings. Check out the Withings WiFi Body Scale, which analyzes weight and BMI through FDA approved bioelectical technology and syncs with a variety of fitness technology apps on your phone. Or gander at the Aria WiFi Smart Scale by Fitbit – with memory for up to 8 people, you can track your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage through the web or on your smartphone.

Health is evolving and fitness technology is paving the way to future gains.