May 13, 2017 Honey Badger

Perhaps this is your first time diving into the fitness scene. Maybe, even after years of taking supplements, the subtle nuances of powdered mixes still eludes you. No matter your situation, strap yourself in and prepare for a crash course in how to Honey Badger goodness. We take pride in our simplicity. Years of research has gone into whittling the complex beverage mixing process to give you guys a shining glimmer of hope in the confusing world of supplements. Without further ado, here is the best way to enjoy your how to Honey Badger:

Scoop Your Powder

We have gone above and beyond here, making it our mission to get every customer a scoop for their how to Honey Badger (you can thank us later). Wield that scoop like a Viking soldier headed to battle and slam a serving of Honey Badger Energy into your cup or bottle or shaker. Make sure you don’t leave that scoop rounded though. Let’s keep it classy, people.

Create Your Drink

Now for the fun part – adding water. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy here: maybe you want a shot of intense how to Honey Badger goodness, or maybe a full bottle is more up your alley. While we recommend a solid 12 ounces of water, feel free to get a little creative in this department (word on the street is some Wild Berry Honey Badger and OJ make for a killer morning pick-me-up).

Drink Fearless

Time to kick that workout directly in the teeth. Mix your how to Honey Badger well and get ready for a transcending experience that rivals no other. Go ahead, climb that mountain – and when you reach the top why don’t you hone those world-class kickboxing techniques. There’s no limit to how many mountains you can kick-box into submission with Honey Badger at your side. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the mountain kicking back.