February 2, 2017 Honey Badger

Preparation for an MMA athlete is one of the most physically demanding and time consuming training processes in all of sports. MMA Fighters spend hours in the gym working on technique, timing and repetitive motions. Aside from the technical preparations, fighters work on their conditioning to help break bad habits when fatigue sets in during competition.


Regiments vary from fighter to fighter; however, all mma fighters will experience muscle fatigue and soreness as a result of lactic acid build-up. The harder an individual pushes themselves, the more rapidly they become fatigued. Fighters should inevitably push their bodies to the maximum output to ensure that they are in top physical condition prior to competition.


Now more than ever mma fighters are relying more on clean diets and using supplements to aid their bodies in preparation for fighting. The importance of correctly fueling your body is obvious, but what an individual chooses as their source of fuel can make a big difference. MMA fighters look to use supplementation that is effective, but also legal for the sake of being tested for performance-enhancing drugs.


Pre-workout supplements have become a go to tool for combat sport athletes in their daily regiment. A pre-workout formula can provide mma fighters a boost of energy when they need it most. After copious training sessions and hardcore bodily pain inflection, it is impossible not to get worn down. The key is to wear the body down and then just before a fight, rest up to be at your peak performance. Using a pre-workout supplement has a similar effect to that of warming up your car on a cold winter morning. Starting your car engine and allowing it to run for 15-20 minutes before driving, tends to be better on the engine. The same concept applies with the human body. Using a pre-workout formula helps to warm up the body and provides the focus and intensity at the start of a training session. Not all pre-workout formulas are created equal. This is especially true regarding amounts of active ingredients, the flavoring profile and sweetener base.

Honey Badger® Performance Energy is a pre-workout formula that meets the quality standard that should be expected for this type of supplement. There is no proprietary labeling (what you see is what you get). The flavoring is extracted from natural sources and the only sweetener base is Stevia. No pre-workout has been constructed like this before. Honey Badger® Performance Energy is steadily becoming a favorite choice for combat sport athletes alike. The natural flavoring and sweeteners are easy on the stomach and the product is zero calories, which is great to aid with cutting weight.  It’s a great tool to use for any training routine and is a synergistic blend that helps with energy, intensity, focus, hydration and recovery for your body.