Clean Protein: Top 10 High-Protein-Packed Foods You Should Be Consuming

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Clean Protein: Top 10 High-Protein-Packed Foods You Should Be Consuming


You know the saying…”You need more protein!” Think clean protein! A lot of people think that in order to meet your body’s protein requirements you have to consume copious amounts of animal protein. Have you heard of the Carnivore craze lately? A carnivore or meat-only diet is a very powerful tool that can be used over short periods. It can help reset the gut and metabolism, but it is not a way to eat long term. There are other clean protein options available.

In fact, it can cause significant damage to the gut if done over long periods of time. For those of us who crave variety but still want to build muscle, there is a wide selection of high-protein foods available. These proteins do not come from meat. It can help you to meet your clean protein requirements, provide variety to your diet, and keep your meals fun and exciting!


Below are just a few of the foods that provide your body with plenty of usable protein. Eating these foods while making sure that you meet your vegetable and fat requirements. It will help you to stay healthy without having to force-feed yourself copious amounts of animal flesh day after day.


Pea protein is an excellent source of plant-based clean protein especially if you are avoiding dairy. Not only is it packed with protein it’s also packed with essential amino acids. It also contains phosphorus, an essential mineral that can boost metabolism. Pea Protein is also great for on the go and is easy to find in powder form. Generally, pea protein powders average about 20 grams of protein per serving.


Collagen peptides are a great way to increase your protein consumption and benefit your body in a number of ways. In addition to giving you more protein, it also supports one of your largest organs (your skin) by supporting your connective tissues. Collagen is a powerful source of clean protein considered to be the “fountain of youth” due to its benefits to hair, skin, and nails. If you are someone who doesn’t love the taste of protein powder, collagen can be a great substitute, because of its tasteless nature. It can be added to any liquid without affecting the flavor of your drink of choice. It dissolves well too.

We love collagen so much we make it! Check out our delicious dessert-inspired Collagen. We have a variety of flavors including Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Chai, Caramel Mocha, and Unflavored. Each flavor is grass-fed and sweetened with stevia leaf and monk fruit extract which makes them completely keto-friendly and a great substitute for when you have a sweet tooth.


If you or someone in your household has a nut allergy, sunflower butter is an excellent clean protein. The nutritious nut butter alternative has minimal allergen-related issues. Made just like peanut butter, except with sunflower seeds! It is packed with protein at 3g per tablespoon and also contains Vitamin E and Magnesium. It contains powerful antioxidants and the most important minerals your body needs. When buying Sunflower Butter make sure to watch out for hydrogenated oils and tons of added sugar. Remember the fewer ingredients (ideally less than 5), the healthier it is for you!


At 30g per cup, almonds are definitely a clean protein. Not only are they full of protein but they also contain healthy fats. If your digestion is good and you don’t have a tree nut allergy, almonds are a great way to pump up the protein in your meal whether you eat them raw or blend them into a delicious almond butter spread.


At 50g per cup, hemp seeds are one of the highest protein-rich foods with plenty of other benefits. While not all stores will sell them, they are a great option if available. They are great as a quick post-workout snack or even as a salad topper if you're craving a little crunch. They are completely legal, free of THC, and therefore, do not alter your mental state.


At 12g per cup, pumpkin seeds can add a bit of a clean protein punch to any meal not to mention they also are also a great source of iron. Add them to any salad or incorporate them into some homemade granola with almonds and you’ll be hitting your protein goals in no time.


At 6.3g of protein per egg, you can easily scramble your way into a high protein diet. Not only are eggs packed with protein but they are also loaded with pretty much every vitamin and mineral except Vitamin C. They even contain omega 3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. Of course, pasture-raised and organic are ideal when possible.

If you're trying to build muscle you definitely want eggs on the menu. With the large variety of different ways to make them, you can rest assured that you won't get bored. Hard-boiled eggs, which are now available in stores, are a great source of clean protein if you’re someone who is on the go. And the best part? You don’t even have to peel them!


At 17g per cup, edamame may not be one of the highest protein foods on this list, but it is certainly one of the most delicious. They are a nutritious snack or side dish that you can have when you want something that packs a little more of a protein punch.


At 39g of protein per cup, these mighty legumes are sure to get your macro goals met in no time! They also are a great source of fiber as well which can help to reduce inflammation and lower glucose levels. They are delicious in just about everything and can even be made into delicious sauces. Roast them and you can add them to the top of any dish for some extra crunch.


Get creative with your protein and make it keto friendly! There are endless protein-packed combinations to boost your protein intake. Learn from our friends over at Keto Connect for the best Keto Friendly Protein!