Our Story

Our story begins with three brothers and a group of special forces veterans with a shared passion for health, nutrition, and fitness. Our spirit animal is the Honey Badger, the most fearless animal on the planet, perfectly fit our fierce, determined, and resilient personalities, and our brand was born.

We push our limits every day demanding optimal performance and recovery. We understand the science and benefits of supplementation. Unfortunately, the industry did not meet our standards of quality, efficacy, safety, and transparency.

Your investment into your body means a lot to us and serving the needs of others is embedded in our DNA. We took a stand and created a straightforward supplement line that caters to your active lifestyle.



OUR MISSION: We fuel a natural and intense experience for your fearless, active lifestyle. We engineer clean, sustainable, and functional supplements with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

OUR PROMISE: Naturally flavored, colored, and sweetened formulations with full label disclosure of all active ingredients.

We craft unique, proprietary, and great-tasting flavors without using artificial ingredients. We formulate with a natural and efficient approach backed by science and supported with clinical studies. 

We're approaching 6 years since our inception with many products in development underway. Stay consistent and balanced, set goals and demolish them. Hopefully we can help along the way. Drink Fearless.