Supplement Cycling: Why You Don’t Have To With Honey Badger

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Supplement Cycling: Why You Don’t Have To With Honey Badger


Supplement cycling can be the difference between working and not working. Have you heard of on and off cycles? There are many supplements available for the health-focused person. There is no one supplement that can meet every need you have. The timing is equally crucial.

Some people will balance several supplements to maximize their workouts and performance. It can be easy to consume more than you need for supplementation. This can cause an imbalance within your system.

You start with one or two and before you know it you’re taking 52! Believe it or not, more isn’t always better. That’s why supplement cycling is very important. It could turn a lack of results into real positive health gains.


Many supplements use ingredients that require delicate use. Too much can cause negative side effects on your body. This is especially true if your body already has enough. Also, your body might not utilize the supplement properly.

Absorption plays a significant role. It begins with a healthy digestive system and gut biome. There’s a reason it’s a hot topic in the health space. Fortifying your gut is essential to achieve baseline health.

It’s absolutely significant to ensure your gut is efficiently breaking down and processing without disruption. If you are not dialed in within your digestive health, supplementing can be difficult and we recommend testing. Some industry best testing methods are located at Bad Gut.


Minimizing the negative requires a practice called supplement cycling. The time you spend not taking a supplement is as important as the time spent taking it. Have you ever heard of a supplement cycling period?

An “on” cycle is the length of time you spend taking a supplement. Your body will absorb the ingredients. This is under the assumption that you have your gut health in check. The ingredients must be bio-available and your digestion on point in order to process efficiently. Some ingredients can build up and cause long-term negative side effects.

Think of creatine. The positive aspects promote muscle growth and recovery, but over time your body relies on the supplement and stops creating its own supply of creatine. After a certain period of time, you need to stop taking creatine. This is also known as the "off" cycle. This reminds your body that it needs to create creatine on its own.


The first benefit of cycling your supplements is that your body won’t get used to that supplement and become dependent on it. This is true for some ingredients that your body doesn’t easily recognize. That’s why we formulate with ingredients designed for absorption or to create a positive reaction internally that your body readily can interpret and use.

Secondly, when you are starting a new cycle, it will optimize the supplement. This limits the potential for the body to adapt to the supplement being introduced. Cycling on and off of a supplement will, therefore, help keep your body adaptable to new internal environments.


Thankfully Honey Badger supplements blend natural ingredients that do not require cycling so you can take them with confidence every day. The natural ingredients are not plagued with additives that the body does not recognize. And therefore, they quickly go to work!

Citrulline and Beta-Alanine are some of the active ingredients in our Performance Energy. It can be taken without the need for an off-cycle. This is why we are very big on natural ingredients and put a lot of effort and focus into how we craft our product.


In conclusion, we believe Honey Badger supplements give you the most benefits without the trade-off of long-term harm to your body. When selecting a blend of supplements, keep in mind the potential need for an on and off cycle.

A well-informed fitness fanatic can boost their performance while minimizing the long-term side effects. It’s very important to treat your body with kindness.