Low-Impact Exercises: Stay Fit & Get Rid of Nagging Joint Pain While You Burn Fat

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Low-Impact Exercises: Stay Fit & Get Rid of Nagging Joint Pain While You Burn Fat


Downshifting from high-impact exercises to low-impact exercises is necessary as the body demands. It's crucial to pursue an exercise plan that is more in line with what it needs. Low-impact exercises are as effective as high-impact activities in terms of lowering the risk of heart disease.

Also, if you are pregnant or with a recent injury, low-impact exercises are the ones to help you burn belly fat. But what are some of the best low-impact exercises to burn fat quickly.


One of the best ways to stay fit with the lowest chance of damaging the joints is cycling. In terms of low-impact exercises, cycling should be done with low or moderate intensity. Avoid intense terrains when trying to have minimal impact. All in all, cycling is for everybody and helps burn fat while getting your legs stronger.


Hitting the water has never been more enjoyable. Kayaking or Paddle Boarding will help you burn fat overall with an emphasis on arms and core. With the potential to burn up to 400 calories an hour, it is also an enjoyable type of nature sightseeing. Plus absorb that Vitamin D with natural sunshine to further boost your immune system and feel great!


Spicing up a walk on a terrain helps a lot. Walking slightly uphill or with resistance will get you more results but with low impact. This is one of the most enjoyable low-impact exercises yielding multiple benefits to your health. Add incline when possible to also support calves, hamstrings, and glutes.


Do you know that even the NFL pros are doing yoga? That's right, yoga is for everyone. Easing up and adding some spinal twists to strengthen your muscles also results in fat loss with yoga. Now you know that the half moons are worth it and do great in lifting the stress from you!


Swimming for fat loss as a low-impact exercise involves doing laps for the best results. From strengthening the shoulders to burning a lot of calories and improving your lung function, swimming is one of the several sports that activates every muscle of your body.


Walking may be one of the most effective and underrated exercises. When we’re talking about low-impact exercises, walking might be the best one. Even though you are walking for exercise a lot of people out there think that it’s not efficient enough for a workout. As you are walking, your heart rate still gets elevated which in essence is a form of exercise. To target fat loss, you will need to pick up the pace compared to your casual stroll around the neighborhood.


The best way to power through your low-impact exercises is to become a hydration machine. We highly recommend our plant-based Performance Hydration containing vegan electrolytes with our signature 9 essential amino acids blend.


If you want your tender knees and joints intact and without facing a risk of an injury, low-impact exercises for fat loss are the key. While bumping up the intensity, you will keep your workout impact and provide less stress to your joints. This will result in burning more calories and strengthening your body.